About us

About us

Lancaster Gate Assistance provides market-leading claims services to the motor Insurance industry, with a specific focus on 2-wheel.

We thrive on providing innovative claim solutions to the wider motorcycle insurance industry and their customers. Our network of repair and logistics centres enable us to deliver a hire bike anywhere in the United Kingdom within 24 hours, and our repair capability is unrivalled.

Our Customer Charter

We understand that nothing in Insurance is more critical to the customer than the way in which claims are handled.

An efficient, comprehensive and transparent claims service defines the quality of any Insurance policy. We take the responsibility for providing that service very seriously and strive to ensure that the service we provide is a market differentiator.

We aim to apply our core values to each and every claim and to utilise the wealth of experience within our teams. We understand that what we do directly impacts on our collective ability to win new business and to retain our existing clients.

To ensure that we fulfil that commitment to our customers and their clients, we make 3 very simple pledges

1.Our customers will always be treated fairly and professionally.

✓ “We will be proactive, pragmatic, and transparent in our approach. The quality of service we provide will be reflective of that which we expect to receive ourselves. We will do our utmost to ensure that our customers understand the claims process”.

2.Communicating with us will be easy and straightforward.

✓ “Getting through to us will be easy and uncomplicated. Where we arrange to call our customers back, we do so, on time and without exception. The technology & network that we utilise as part of our service will be clearly explained and easy to use. We will aim, always, to ensure that our customers are kept updated regarding the progress of their claim”.

3.We’re fully committed to ensuring the best possible outcome for our customers.

✓ “We will work hard to minimise the inconvenience attached to making a claim. We will work with our partners to ensure that our respective approaches align in the interests of our clients”.

Please get in contact:

We’re always happy to discuss our solutions with Insurers, Insurance brokers, vehicle hire providers and Accident management organisations and to explore how we could support you and your business.

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